*MEDICARE patients are required to bring a referral from their physician and their Medicare card to be seen at this clinic.

*Payment is expected at the time of service. At this time, we do not accept insurance. However, we will provide you with a Superbill to submit to your health insurance company for reimbursement.

For those looking to submit for reimbursement, contact your insurance to find out if you need prior authorization for out of network services.  This can be obtained from your primary care provider.

We suggest using Better to make getting your reimbursement easy!

Orthotics Package – $275
Includes an evaluation by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and same day, hand-made orthotics. Visit is 120 minutes.

Physical Therapy Evaluation/Dry Needling Evaluation – $100
Includes a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation for 60 minutes.

Follow-up Visit $60
Your first follow up visit will be $30 when scheduled on the day of your evaluation (applies only to Orthotics Package). Any follow-up visit thereafter will be $60. Follow-up visits are 30 minutes.

Functional Dry Needling
Functional dry needling can be provided for the treatment of myofascial pain by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Dr. Vasquez has received training by Myopain Seminars. Please contact us to find out more information.

Running Assessment $100
This assessment is based on video provided.  Two video clips should be provided with runner on treadmill.  One video should be taken from behind runner, and second video taken from side angle of runner capturing from runner’s shoulders to runner’s feet.  This will include an assessment document in PDF form with noted impairments and exercise recommendations. Please fill out the intake form on the home page you will be contacted with more details.


We encourage our patients to give us greater than 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. There will be a $50 fee collected at your next appointment for those who do not give at least a 24 hour notice.



Our business is cost effective and affordable for our clients due to using pre-fabricated devices. However, it is important to note that using pre-fabricated devices can be a limiting factor for a few reasons. For individuals with shoe sizes that are size 13 and greater, we will be unable to fabricate an orthotic as our pre-fabricated devices for these sizes lose their integrity, and we wish to only make the best orthotics possible. It is also important to note, although we have the capability to produce an orthotic on the same day as the evaluation, we may not always have the proper sized orthotic available for the individual at every evaluation. These cases will be managed on an individual basis.

Foot Tracks, LLC. will see clients ages 14 and up.


It is our intentions to provide the best service possible to our clients. However, we understand that at times the client may not be satisfied with our service. It is important to note that we will do our best to ensure that instances in which a client may wish for a refund do not occur by providing exemplary service. In the event that this occurs, it should be known that refunds will not be provided for any evaluation, follow up, service or orthotic fabrication. However, if the client is dissatisfied with their orthotics, the client must go through our return process. The client must return their orthotics to Foot Tracks, LLC. that did not meet their expectations, and will have a new pair made at no additional cost. This policy only applies to the first pair purchased, and will not be applied to any pair from thereon after.

*Please note that as much as we would love for you to get reimbursed for our services, it is not a guarantee that your insurance will do so.  This is a recommendation, however we are not liable for any amount that you do not receive reimbursement for.