Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Foot Tracks, LLC. will help individuals improve their quality of life through orthotics and trigger point dry needling. We will provide a quality, individualized product while also educating our clients. Individuals may need orthotics for a variety of impairments, recreation or life pursuits. It is our aim to help our clients realize their fullest potential in regards to pain relief, performance or well-being through the use of our orthotics.


Foot Tracks, LLC. will be a leader in the provision of evidence based services for the construction of foot orthotics for adults and young adults of all walks of life in the Denver-metro area. Using a client-centered approach, our clients will undergo an assessment from a Doctor of Physical Therapy to construct the optimal set of orthotics possible for the individual. This will also include education from the provider to optimize the use of their orthotics.


  • Excellence
  • Compassion
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Communication